The agreement is created for the generation of knowledge that contributes to key decision-making processes for environmental management in the city of Cali, such as the Municipal System of Protected Areas (SIMAP), the priorities for action for climate change mitigation and the Urban Forestry Plan of the city. The objective of the agreement between the Administrative Department of Environmental Management of Cali (DAGMA) and the Community Network of Urban Forests is to contribute to make Cali a more nature-friendly city, promoting the welfare of its citizens, through the consolidation of a network of Urban Forests built with collective effort that will necessarily result in the mitigation of the negative impacts of climate change in the city. Within this framework, DAGMA and the Urban Forest Network must generate joint actions that allow for the increase and quality of vegetation cover in public and private green areas, with the objective of preserving the biodiversity conditions of the different ecosystems of the city, strengthening and improving the socio-ecological conditions of urban green spaces, in order to improve urban-rural ecological connectivity. This process should be accompanied by an effective community participation in the management of public and private green areas through the formulation and development of planned activities that allow compliance with the indicators established in the harmonization plans of urban forests.