Plan Boom
The national initiative 'Plan Tree' in the Netherlands aims to plant 10 million native trees as a nature-based solution to climate change and for a more beautiful, greener and healthier country. Together with residents, volunteer groups, governments and businesses, 'Plan Tree' is a financial incentive instrument that supports different stakeholders in planting trees. In this way, 'Plan Tree' helps the climate and contributes to strengthening biodiversity. 'Plan Tree' is a bottom-up movement working together with governments in a practical way to combat the global climate crisis. Until September 2022,1.7 million trees have been planted. An online toolbox is provided with information sheets that contain step-by-step plans and tips on how to get started with planting trees, how to organise a plant event or how to motivate neighboorhoods. The Plan Tree website also features a map where people can locate their planted trees.