Paraná River and the Torres Dolfines Guarani
The city of Paraná is the capital of the Entre Ríos province in Argentina and located on the eastern shore of the Paraná River. As a growing city, the city's streams are impacted, inter alia, by sewage and industrial wastewater that reach the streams through illegal pipes, deforestation, soil erosion as well as dumping and burning of solid waste. To address these impact, citizens organised in neighborhood groups started to discuss possible solutions, which led to the establishment of the first two Water Basin Committees. Based on these citizen efforts, the city government of Paraná adopted a specific ordinance for the creation of committees for each of the city’s 16 streams (OrdenanzaNº 9668 - Cuencas hidrograficas urbans - comité de cuencas, 2018). The establishment of the committees not only improved the environmental quality of the streams and public health, but also the management of flood and soil erosion risks.