Presentación del plan estratégico
The Palou Strategic Plan is a strategic instrument that defines the vision of an agricultural area in relation to the city over a 10-year horizon. It includes proposals for reactivating production capacity, promoting agroecological production and short marketing channels. It was elaborated through a participatory process that lasted about a year, with the participation of about 25 people representing the territory (owners, producers, young people, experts, technicians, etc.). In the metropolitan context, the fact of betting on the preservation and dynamization of a periurban agricultural space so stressed urbanistically is very relevant. This plan includes among its implementation actions the program "La Mimosa", an inclusive project of agroecological consumption promoted by the City Council of Granollers and the participation of the Red Cross and the association of consumers and producers La Magrana Vallesana. It is expected that vulnerable families can access more easily to the consumption of organic products and move towards a more sustainable and healthy diet.