Oslo Trees planting at Ammerud, Oslo
The Oslotrær - Oslo Trees project - is Oslo Municipality's collaboration initiative aiming to provide more space for trees in Oslo in Norway, led by Bykuben (‘City Hive’) with collaboration between all relevant municipal agencies. Oslotrær aims to ‘plant trees in hearts and minds, in plans and in the ground’, i.e. to foster collaboration between business and civil society across government levels and disciplines for the care of the urban forest. The project contributes to Oslo achieving its ambition of planting 100,000 trees between 2020 and 2030, and ensure the trees that are planted are given the best possible conditions for growth and survival. Oslotrær experiments with new ways and places to plant trees together with business and citizens, for example afforestation in urban pocket forests and works to increase trees visibility in the municipality's work with urban development and building projects, in planning maps, studies, management and operations to ensure physical space for both existing and new trees. Oslotrær maps, counts and registers the trees in Oslo, both existing trees and those that will be planted in the years to come. The initiative also collaborates with city districts all over Oslo on youth employment with trees. Youth plant trees, look after trees and map where in the local environment there is space for more trees, and at the same time gain much sought after expertise on trees in neighborhood development.