Laboratorio urbano Quito Chimbacalle
The ordinance for the Urban Laboratories of the DMQ is an instrument that allows the generation of territorial research processes and through participatory spaces that promote the improvement of habitat quality, the reduction of the effects of climate change, the recovery of public space and natural resources, cultural strengthening and social appropriation through strategic actions within the public space, with low cost, rapid implementation and high impact. These laboratories can be launched by civil society, academia or state institutions, which will be evaluated and monitored by various organizations of the DMQ. Their application in the territory allows for the generation of experimental micro-scale BNS interventions that make known their multiple benefits (social and environmental) to both the citizens and the municipality. The BNS techniques that could be implemented within the laboratory could be focused on projects with a component of recovery of natural spaces and urban green areas (green/blue infrastructure), which in turn support the reduction of urban heat islands and the reduction of various risks (flooding, landslides). The experimentation of local BNS prototypes is part of the municipal strategy to appropriate this concept little by little and to scale up its application based on initial knowledge and identified and technically proven local examples.