Leipzig's open space strategy ‘Living Green City on the Waterfront’ (2017, Germany) is a comprehensive strategy for the city's green space and water system which recognises the importance of urban green spaces and water bodies in socio-cultural, ecological and economic terms. The concept of ‘double internal development’ („Doppelte Innenentwicklung“) is a central element of the strategy, which aims to use land reserves in a structurally meaningful way while maintaining the supply and usability of open space and developing, networking and qualitatively improving open spaces in the inner city area. Guiding principles and objectives towards 2030 are highlighted in three thematic fields: categorising open spaces; securing access to open spaces; and managing urban green and blue features. The Strategy analyses each area in terms of its function or utilization, challenges or conflict potentials and outlook to 2030.The strategy was funded in part by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety as a precursor to developing the Green Leipzig 2030 Master Plan.