This strategy is based on the criteria of sustainable urban planning framed in citizen participation where the committee of public transport users, popular spokespersons and organized community in cooperation with the Faculty of Architecture of the ULA, the secretariats of public transport and urban planning of the Mayor's Office, will address the problem of public transport stops in view of the need to increase the green urban furniture in the city. The objective of the strategy is to propose the creation of a network of green bus stops in the Libertador Municipality of the State of Merida, in order to develop integrated solutions to face the challenges of climate change in the city. The implementation of the strategy aims to improve the quality of life and develop a sense of belonging on the part of users, increase green infrastructure in the city, mitigate the disjunctions between spatial growth, planning, sustainability, population growth, urban fabric and the impact of climate change, as well as the application of solutions based on nature for the benefit of pedestrians and public transport users.