The Urban Natural Parks (PANU) constitute a new category of management of Protected Wildlife Areas in Costa Rica. The PANU focus conservation strategies in urban areas that have experienced unplanned urban growth. This new management category arises from the identified need to include in the national protection scheme, vulnerable and degraded areas not included in the solid system of protected wildlife areas that comprises ten management categories. Therefore, the country identified the need for a management category specifically designed to address the main conservation challenges in the cities. In February 2021, Executive Decree No. 42742 "Creation and regulation of the management category called Urban Natural Parks (PANU), and a National Program for its promotion and implementation" was signed and published in Scope 57 of the Official Gazette La Gaceta No. 53 of March 17 of the same year. The PANU are a new management category and are defined as "geographic areas located within urban areas, which possess terrestrial and coastal ecosystems of scenic, biological, recreational and ecotourism value, whose importance lies in the need to protect and conserve their biodiversity". The Urban Natural Park category stimulates the promotion of tourism, generating green jobs associated with this activity. In addition, it broadens the benefits of green spaces by boosting the local economy with low-impact productive activities as well as improving the provision of ecosystem services to citizens.