The green-blue infrastructure ordinance of the Municipality of Quito proposes a new regulatory framework for the protection, management and promotion of green and blue infrastructure in the Metropolitan District of Quito, which includes both urban and rural areas and protected natural areas. The ordinance stems from a ruling by Ecuador's Constitutional Court that emphasizes the city's obligation to ensure the protection of its nature and to guarantee its inhabitants the right to live in a "healthy and ecologically balanced environment. It promotes articulated actions among municipal entities to ensure a systematic implementation of nature-based initiatives in municipal urban planning. The instrument proposes guidelines to protect the city's existing natural areas as well as its blue infrastructure and encourage the implementation of BNS and Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS). Formalizes a "blue-green infrastructure system" and, based on its ecosystemic functions, supports a new planning of its integration into urban functions. It proposes actions for governance, management, management and regulation, public awareness, financing and dissemination. It is related to structuring instruments such as the District Metropolitan Plan of Territorial Ordering and the Plan of Use and Management of the Soil of the city.