Valdessera stream
Public consultation with ordinary citizens and the main local stakeholder groups.
Example of a flooding area
The Municipal Water Management Plan (MWMP) of Isola Vicentina in Italy aims at reducing the threat of floods and landslides, events that are quite common in the area and have caused significant damages in the past. The plan was adopted in 2017, after being developed at the local level with the cooperation of the Università Iuav di Venezia and the local consultancy firm Green Dev. The plan includes different nature-based solutions to prevent, protect against and prepare for floods. The plan was developed in line with the EU's Flood Directive (2007/60/EC), which focused on the dimensions prevention, protection and preparation. Through the implementation of the plan, Isola Vicentina demonstrates how ecosystem restoration of, for example, woodlands, flood plains and wetlands can play a crucial role in decreasing the threats from flood events. The plan's implementation was realized with the support of funding from the local municipality and private citizens. There was also cooperation with regional institutions to implement nature-based solutions outside of Isola Vicenta's jurisdiction.