The Living Fences initiative seeks to raise awareness for local air quality concerns, generate commitments and actively address air pollution by planting green living fences. The initiative was inspired by the Breathe/Respirar Project (BRP), a research action programme initiated in a school community in Sheffield (UK) that started experimenting with green barriers to reduce the air pollution the schoolyard was exposed to due to its location close to traffic. BRP has also a strong focus on knowledge exchange and mutual learning and fostering international collaboration between Buenos Aires and Sheffield was encouraged for mutual knowledge sharing and learning, involving schools, students, city councils and researchers. This collaborative partnership is facilitated by regular communication and several rounds of feedback. The Living Fences initiative, led by the Landscape Architecture programme at the University of Buenos Aires, received enthusiastic support from academics from different disciplines, government institutions, professional and business circles and interest groups. This initiative also includes training that enables small horticultural businesses from disadvantaged peri-urban areas of Buenos Aires to acquire the skills needed to build and install the green fences in inner city schoolyards, thus strengthening local community engagement.