Little Wilderness ('Kleine Wildernis') is an initiative by the Flemish Agency for Nature and Forest (ANB, Belgium) in which cities can apply for subsidies to create small patches of wilderness on urban derelict areas (inspired by the concept ‘Tiny Forests’). The initiative is part of a larger effort by the ANB and the Flemish government to bring people back to nature. An important aspect of Little Wilderness is that endemic species are used and that visitors - both young and old - can experience and explore nature through elements such as edible plants, fruit and nut trees, child-friendly and theft/weather-proof camera traps, nesting boxes, picnic tables, etc. Depending on local possibilities, different types of endemic nature can be created, such as small forest, shrub or heather patches. When municipalities have patches of derelict areas between the size of a tennis court and 50 are, they can apply for a subsidy with the agency to turn it into a ‘little wilderness’. Ideally, these patches are close to a school, childcare, care or youth center, so that the youth and care dependents can enjoy this piece of nature and potentially take part in its maintenance.