The Krakow Metropolis 2030 Strategy is a supra-local strategy for 15 municipalities in Poland (the City of Kraków and 14 municipalities surrounding the city), which was enacted in 2021. One of the main objectives of the Strategy is to achieve "an environmentally friendly Kraków Metropolis, oriented towards climate neutrality, ensuring a high quality of life". The specific objectives include creating an efficient system of spatial planning that supports climate neutrality and to develop blue-green infrastructure and retention, create new green areas and high quality public spaces, and integrate dispersed structure of greenery into a continuous system. The Strategy also aims to protect ecological corridors and promote biodiversity conservation and increase the quality of the water management system, including water and sewage management services. The Krakow Metropolis 2030 Strategy is the first supra-local development strategy adopted by a regional city in Poland. More than 150 stakeholders were successfully involved in the development of the document.