The municipality of Envigado stimulates the conservation of strategic ecosystems that provide goods and services of importance to the territory through payments or incentives, for several reasons among which two can be highlighted: compliance with article 11 of 1999 and complementary norms whose emphasis is the conservation of watersheds supplying aqueducts and compliance with national regulations related to conservation incentives. In its development, the municipality has designed 3 modalities or programs: 1) payment for environmental services (PES), inspired by the BancoO2 model initiated by the Corporación Autónoma Regional de las cuencas de los ríos Negro y Nare "CORNARE" and adapted especially for small farmers or in some agricultural or forestry line in which the conservation of soil, water resources, forests and production methods is stimulated. 2) collection of differentiated property taxes by virtue of the existence of ecosystems with environmental quality, especially natural forest, watersheds and that have restrictions of use for conservation, and 3) stimulus for the purpose of restoration or improvement of ecosystemic conditions supported by the municipal administration (Envigado's Secretary of Environment and Rural Development) from human technical support, advice, supply of material for restoration (plants, agro inputs, and the like), as well as labor for the implementation of the case.