The Greenspace Audit in Sunderland, UK is a standard that helps ensure that residents in all areas of the city have accessibility to a range of high quality green spaces. The Audit, which began in 2003, is aligned with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) in providing robust and up-to-date needs assessments of open spaces, sports, and recreational facilities and unleashing opportunities for new provisions. The Audit aims to have a scientific approach to greenspaces management taken at the city scale. Another objective is to map the quantity, quality, and equality of citizens' accessibility to green spaces at the neighborhood level of Sunderland. Furthermore, the Audit supports identifying areas with green space deficiency by measuring land ownership, biodiversity, types of buildings on the site, sports pitches, play facility types, and historical importance. The Greenspace Audit ensures the delivery of the Sunderland council's vision of improving the green public spaces and retaining existing residents and attracting new ones, enhancing the image of the city, creating new open safe spaces, and acting as means of implementation to attract future investments in the shape of shops and jobs.