Greening the Business Improvements Districts (BID) is a public-private programme implemented in 2012-2018 to identify and deliver opportunities to enhance green infrastructure in central London, United Kingdom. A Business Improvement District is a not-for-profit collective of local businesses in a given neighbourhood who undertake joint efforts to help improve their immediate area. The Greater London Authority has worked with 16 BIDs in central London to conduct green infrastructure audits and deliver demonstration projects (e.g. green roofs, rain gardens) to catalyse urban greening. The programme has been implemented as a collaboration between the Greater London Authority, the BIDs and Cross River Partnership, a public-private sector alliance. The programme is one of the implementation instruments of the 2008 London Plan (London's masterplan), which introduced the concept of green infrastructure into London urban policymaking, and sought to identify opportunities to engage private sector into implementing green infrastructure elements.