As part of a targeted Green Infrastructure Strategy, the City of Wakefield in the UK proposed three initiatives to maximize the impact of green infrastructure in the city: Investment Programmes, Strategic Projects, and Opportunity Areas. Together, these aim to create attractive places to live, learn, work and invest in and promote collective actions towards well-being. The green strategic projects initiative refers to site-specific projects with district-scale impact, which substantially benefit people, wildlife, and the environment. The Balne Lane Fields are part of the identified key strategic areas, comprising an area of nine hectares including a former landfill site that has been restored to open green space. The main drivers for the Balne Lane Fields project are climate change, health, and well-being, as parts of the site will be enhanced to integrate measures for flood alleviation and an improved recreational offer. The initiatives featured in the Green Infrastructure Strategy of Wakefield are consistent with the core Local Development Framework 2026 (adopted in 2009) and part of the 41 projects of the Leisure, Recreation & Open Spaces Development Plan (Adopted in 2017).