GI Plan Merida
In 2016, the city of Merida in Yucatan, Mexico set up a process to develop a Green Infrastructure Plan that embodies a comprehensive vision of urban greenery and urban forest conservation. The resulting Plan is a dedicated urban planning document that aims to enhance biodiversity, increase resilience and human well being as well as mitigate climate change in the city. The promotion of a network of urban trees is a central pillar of the Plan, but it also addresses actions such as the creation of water bioretention areas or an improved runoff management. In addition, the Plan sets out to promote citizen involvement and reforms of the legislative framework so that it better supports green infrastructure. An updated version of the Plan was published in 2018, covering the period up to 2021. For the implementation of the actions foreseen in the Plan, the city administration gathered support from national and international institutions, such as the Cities4Forests initiative by the World Resources Institute.