The Grabiszyński Park Council (Rada Parku Grabiszyńskiego) is a council of experts, citizens, local NGOs and neighbourhood-level councillors set up by the Wrocław Green Spaces Authority (Zarząd Zieleni Miejskiej) in 2018 in Poland. The Council was set up in response to a local civil society protests against planned changes in the Park Grabiszyński - a biologically rich and ecologically important forest park with a size of 68 hectares established in 1867 - and a lack of a participatory process to consult the planned changes. The council meets 4 times a year and serves as an advisory body to the municipality when it comes to environmental protection, management and maintenance of the park. The members of the council include four scientists who promote a conservative approach to the management of greenery and tree felling and removal; advise on least invasive maintenance techniques; and advise on appropriate timing for maintenance activities not to disturb breeding seasons.