Since 2010, the city of Montpellier has supported a community-based agreement on micro-flowering projects ('Projets de microfleurissement') around the city. Micro-flowering projects are participatory urban gardening projects involving the planting of annuals and perennials, vegetable and ornamental on municipal public space. Citizens are able to green the streets of the city using planting pockets, with the support of the local government. The inhabitants who requested micro-flowering permission then maintain the areas. The instrument enables the inhabitants "to be actors of their neighborhood" (Ref. 1). Subsequently, formal 'greening permits' for micro-flowering projects were developed in 2018 which can be requested by inhabitants so the "the municipal agents come to drill the concrete of the sidewalks and the City provides the plants" (Ref. 9 and 10). This instrument entry focuses on the community-based agreement that preceded the formal permits.