Este cedro está ubicado en la Casa Museo Fernando González la cual es un bien de interés cultural del ámbito nacional y del municipio de Envigado.  El árbol fue denominado de carácter especial y candidato a ser declarado patrimonio del municipio por la importancia histórica de la siembra a manos del filósofo Fernando González (1895 - 1964)
The municipality of Envigado, aware of the relevance and importance of trees and in the fulfillment of its functions and competencies, promotes public space planning processes, not only from the traditional vision of development but from an ecosystemic perspective, where vegetation is an articulating axis of the urban landscape. For this purpose, it formulated in 2016 the Master Plan for Urban Public Green Zones of Envigado as the main policy instrument through which it initiates a management that will continue over time and in the territory of one of its main environmental assets: green public space and urban flora. This Plan is an essential part of the regional instruments of planning and urban environmental management. The formulation of the Master Plan for Urban Public Green Zones has a strategy for the definition and management of heritage trees. This is based on the characterization of the tree component and the updating of available public green areas based on a complete census of urban areas, generating a thorough diagnosis and a recommendation for the management of this component. Likewise, in this exercise, heritage trees and individuals at risk were identified as elements for the management of these trees. In addition, a baseline estimate of carbon sequestration and an outline of the valuation of the goods and services associated with it were made.