actividad de siembra colectiva en Envigado
Envigado Florece is a strategic instrument of the Secretariat of Environment and Agricultural Development of the Municipality of Envigado that consists of the renaturalization of urban spaces in the municipality with the participation of the community. This began in 1995 under the name "Adopt Nature" and has had different names depending on the administration of turbo. Through this instrument, the local administration implemented conservation policies that include planting gardens and trees and educational and community awareness programs. Within this framework, the instrument encourages the transformation of hard areas into soft areas through the planting of native and ornamental plant species. These green areas are designed and managed in a participatory manner so that they will last over time, since the communities are responsible for their maintenance and conservation under the concept of co-responsibility. This initiative encourages the inclusion of both the community in general and vulnerable communities. The plantings implemented include functional gardens (edible, ornamental and aromatic) as well as tree species. The objective is to reduce the heat island effect and improve bioclimatic comfort, through the habilitation, improvement and recovery of green areas. Through Envigado Florece, ecological urban planning actions are implemented to mitigate the increase in temperature due to the reflection of the sun on hard surfaces and to allow citizens to enjoy them. It improves urban environmental quality through the generation and increase of soft floors, landscaping and beautification of green spaces. In addition, it is implemented under criteria of sustainable construction and bioclimatic comfort and this strategy contributes to the management of urban trees and conservation easements.