The Edible City Andernach („Essbare Stadt Andernach“) is a municipal campaign in Andernach, Germany which aims to transform urban areas into collective urban gardens through the involvement of citizens in planting, caring and harvesting joint crops under the motto 'picking allowed'. The main and most popular garden was created around the old town walls of the city centre, but also includes the permaculture garden in the suburbs of Andernach and gardens at primary schools. Since 2010, the Edible City consists of 8,000 sq m of urban gardens in the city centre and 13 hectares of municipal land in the suburbs of Andernach. By planting fruits and vegetables which are available for everyone, the municipality has been raising awareness of nature and agriculture whilst making seasonal changes more visible to inhabitants. The Edible City gardens are not only beautiful areas but they also promote biodiversity, organic farming and help the city fight climate change. Every year, the project attracts an increasing number of tourists in addition to providing benefits for the residents.