Dare to Dream of a Green River (Durven dromen van een Groene Rivier) is a vision for the transformation of the Green Singel area in Antwerp, Belgium that was drafted in 2009 by the municipal authorities. The idea is to transform the space into an accessible area that connects the inner and outer city as well as the five large parks in the city's periphery. Development of the vision started in 2007 and has since been further refined and concretized by a design team and most recently fed into the development of the Flemish Master Plan 2020. The vision aims to promote the use of space in creating green infrastructure, urban parks, and green corridors. Instead of expanding the Ring of Antwerp to improve mobility, the municipality of Antwerp decided to use the space to create a Green Ring of 13 kilometers consisting of a wide range of green projects by implementing planning instruments based on spatial sciences and embracing ecological quality. The instrument also supports the city's initiatives in leveraging its livability and citizens' quality of life by creating new green spaces, corridors, urban forests, and restoring the historic city wall.