The Portoviejo River Commonwealth is a governance model based on voluntary cooperation between the 5 municipalities with jurisdiction in the Portoviejo River basin in the Province of Manabi (Santa Ana, Portoviejo, Rocafuerte, Sucre and 24 de Mayo). The main objective of the Mancomunidad is to contribute to the strengthening of coordinated management and institutional capacities in relation to present and future disaster risks in the Portoviejo River basin. Specific objectives include the promotion of common land use and management policies to carry out climate change adaptation and mitigation actions. The instrument is a common platform for the participating municipalities to carry out actions in the Portoviejo River basin to solve joint problems such as disaster risk and its causes (deforestation, poor agricultural practices, sedimentation, construction in risk areas, etc.), specifically applying Nature-based solutions, such as: recovery of the river banks and its channel, risk reduction in the basin, conservation processes and risk mitigation through land use.