English Garden, Munich
The 2016 Climate Adaptation Strategy (CAS) for Munich, Germany addresses a variety of urban challenges such as temperature rise, heat waves, heavy rainfalls, and flooding across the city region. The CAS is regarded as a crucial instrument for incorporating green and blue measures in urban planning. Part of the CAS entails the employment of nature-based solutions (NBS), which is presented here with an emphasis on the incorporation of the Urban Climate Map into urban planning with a focus on preserving existing air channels and corridors through open green spaces. Other NBS for adaptation are incorporated into urban planning tools through open green areas, community rooftop gardens, trees, and water elements. The overarching goals include developing open spaces that have a climate adaptation benefits, reducing health burdens and promoting well-being, as well as better preparing Munich for climatic conditions (extreme events) in spatial planning. Awareness raising is also part of the strategy.