Since October 2015, the City of Marseille (France) has implemented a "Charter for the vegetation of public spaces in Marseille". Individuals who sign the charter are allowed to install plants in public spaces while respecting the safety and use of the tracks by other users. The public-community agreement goes hand in hand with the vegetation permit called "Visa Vert" (Green Visa). By signing the charter, residents contribute to embellishing the living environment and bring nature into the city by increasing the number of trees, plants, flowers and shrubs. Through the charter, signatories commit to follow instructions related to tidiness and safety. The holder of a visa commits to respect aesthetics through the choice of colors, shape and size of installations. The City of Marseille reserves the right to visually and graphically mark the vegetated sites. A technical committee, led by the Municipal Nature in the City and Eco-citizenship Services(Service Nature en Ville et Ecocitoyenneté), under the Municipal Directorate for the Environment and Quality of Life (Direction de l’Environnement et du Cadre de Vie) grants the Green Visa according to criteria of safety, use and sharing of public space, and choice of plants.