The Canary Wharf Biodiversity Action Plan (2018-2028) is a voluntary strategy to protect and improve biodiversity in Canary Wharf Estate in London (UK), a 5 hectare area in east London. The area is owned and managed by a private developer, the Canary Wharf Group, who is also responsible for the plan's design and implementation. The Plan reflects the targets of UK national-level, London and Tower Hamlets Biodiversity Action Plans, whilst outlining conservation objectives specific to the Canary Wharf's highly urbanised habitat. The Plan is not only consistent with the UK policies, but it is also formally recognized by the government and was produced with evidence and support from several governmental bodies. The instrument has three main objectives: to embed the biodiversity ‘net gains’ principle within management and planning decision-making across the Estate; develop and apply actions for climate change resilience; and improve ecosystem service value and in particular health, well-being and productivity of Estate users. The actions recommended in the Biodiversity Action Plan are to be embedded within future development proposals at the Estate. The Plan is informed by a roadmap, which defined existing ecological baseline of the Estate, undertook an ecosystem service valuation exercise to identify management and habitat creation priorities and define the key objectives and key performance indicators. The Biodiversity Action Plan enables the long-term management and monitoring of the existing assets on the Estate as well as future interventions.