The Blue Deal is a voluntary action plan of the Flemish government in Belgium to combat water scarcity and drought. The main objective is to "make Flanders a sponge again and to use less water from sensitive water sources", given the challenges the region faces with water scarcity and drought. The plan covers the whole region of Flanders and includes many parties, actions, projects and investments to structurally address water scarcity and drought. The Blue Deal consists of more than 70 actions divided over 3 main themes: smart and sustainable water use, restoration of wetlands, and nature-based solutions. In general, the actions aim to (1) invest in sites for more green-blue infrastructure and water infiltration, (2) support investments made by (agricultural) companies, local authorities and (industry) associations, (3) improve legislation and its application and (4) support initiatives with respect to research, monitoring, communication and awareness raising. Among other actions, the Flemish government has set up different programmes to subsidize the desealing and greening of cities.