In 2019, the Wroclaw Green Spaces Authority in Poland launched binding standards for the protection of trees during ongoing construction works ('Karty informacyjne do standardów ochrony drzew w Inwestycjach Wrocławia'). The standards take the form of informational cards that give concrete instructions on, for example, how to protect trees during construction work or how to organise construction so that the root systems of trees are not damaged. The standards are binding on all areas that are owned and managed by the municipality, for organisational units of the municipality as well as all entities managing the properties on behalf of the municipality of Wrocław. The city promotes the standards among private investors, who can use them on a voluntary basis. The standards are one of the instruments designed to implement the city's Regulation on the Protection of Trees and the Development of Green Areas, which in turn supports the implementation of the Strategy Wrocław 2030, the city's masterplan.