Development of the main targets on biodiversity in the local and international context.
Cover - Barcelona Nature Plan 2030
Drafting, co-designing, technical contrast and citizen participation process of the Nature Plan
The Barcelona Nature Plan 2021-2030 is a participatory strategy defining the commitments of the Barcelona (Spain) municipal government and citizens for the conservation of its green environment and biological diversity. The 10-year Plan, published by the Barcelona City Council, is structured into three core and two cross-cutting areas which encompass twenty actions and 100 projects. Ten priority projects will be implemented in the initial Action Program for 2021-2025.The Plan’s general goals are to: (1) increase the city’s green infrastructure and maximize its services, especially the those concerning adaptation to climate change and to improve the access of citizens to urban nature; (2) develop and consolidate ecological management and naturalization in nature management to benefit public health and support the conservation of biodiversity; (3) conserve and promote biodiversity; and (4) develop knowledge, enjoyment and care of urban nature and to facilitate and promote citizen involvement in its conservation and improvement.