The Aquifer Partnership (TAP) is a partnership established in England, United Kingdom between Brighton & Hove City Council, the South Downs National Park Authority, Southern Water and the UK Environment Agency. The partnership was first established in 2015 as Brighton Chalk Management Partnership (ChaMP) to protect groundwater in the Brighton Chalk Block (the region's primary source of water) from pollution, as well as increase resilience to climate change and the extreme weather events that can cause flooding and drought. The ChaMP was extended and renamed to TAP in 2020. The partnership's programme includes working with residents, farmers, landowners and schools across the towns in the Brighton, Hove and Lewes area to reduce pollution, including nitrates which can leach into the aquifer. Sources of nitrates can include intensive agriculture and run-off from roads. Other work includes carrying out research into using nature-based solutions to reduce pollution and developing sustainable drainage projects or ‘rainscapes’ to help manage water in better ways in the city. The partnership is currently set to operate until 2025.