The campaign "1000 Geveltuinen" was launched in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in 2020 as a grassroots action to build 1000 facade gardens in the city. The action was a great success, quickly gaining media interest and receiving financial and substantive support from the local government. The project only took place from May 22nd 2020 (the day of biodiversity) to September 30th 2020, but its success convinced the city to take some long-term actions. The Municipality of Rotterdam started encouraging its inhabitants to take out concrete tiles from in front of their houses and to build facade gardens. Furthermore, the municipality created a manual and educational materials for its inhabitants. This grassroots action turned into a municipal programme, which engages people in creating green spaces in their nearest neighborhood helping the city to deal with challenges connected to climate change, such as urban heat island effects or local floods. This community-based agreement highlights the potential for collaboration between a municipality, NGOs and citizens.