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Thursday, 28 April 2022 - 16:00

Inclusion of Vulnerable Communities in the Planning and Implementation of NBS

Within INTERLACE, Cities Talk Nature (CTN) forms an important component to achieve the projects’ objectives. Cities Talk Nature is based on two pillars: so called “local engagement events” in Europe and Latin America, and a series of webinars that provides participants valuable insights in best practices and offers room for exchange on objectives, processes, practical examples, technologies, financing options and business models. 

In the fourth CTN webinar ¨Inclusion of Vulnerable Communities in the Planning and Implementation of Nature-Based Solutions”, held on April 28, two capital cities from Latin America: Quito, Ecuador and La Paz, Bolivia; shared their experiences from the point of view of an organized civil society (Yes Innovation) and from the Municipal Government (Municipal Government of La Paz).

Nicolás Salmón,Yes Innovation’s CEO, spoke about the project implemented in San Enrique de Velasco and how the population has been involved in the different stages of it. On the other hand, Marcelo Lorberg, pointed out that community participation has been fundamental for the ecological restoration of La Mallasa landfill.

The above experiences show that Nature-Based Solutions are multifaceted and are present in different sectors. The Cities for Nature webinar series will continue on June 28, 2022.

If you want to participate in our webinars (as a panelist or attendee) write to: proyectointerlace@ungl.or.cr

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